30-min Summer Workout

30-min Summer Workout

Varsity Sports of Santa Paula invites you to Begin Your Journey. Here we are fans of the 30-min summer workout. You are personally welcomed to join us for a free trial workout anytime. We train safe here at Varsity Sports. We are not about killing ourselves in the name of intensity and 1 rep. maxes. Our priority is your safety. We will first focus on form, stabilization and consistency. As this improves weight, intensity and variety will be added to your training with the direct intention of improving your strength, power, flexibility, stamina, endurance, speed, quickness and agility all in a natural progression. This in turn will improve your overall body composition by burning fat while adding lean muscle mass. Check out a few 30-min summer workouts our clients are choosing to do this summer.

Muscle Group: Chest
Chest Press Machine 5min

Muscle Group: Legs
Leg Press 5min

Muscle Group: Shoulders
Lateral Raise Machine 5min

Muscle Group: Back
Lat Pulldown or Seated Row 5min

Muscle Group:Triceps
Cable Pushdown 5mins

Muscle Group: Biceps
Machine Preacher Curl 5min

Example Workout Program:

Monday: Lower Body Circuit

Tuesday: Upper Body Circuit

Wednesday: Rest or Cardio & Core Exercises

Thursday: Lower Body

Friday: Upper Body

Saturday: Optional Cardio

Sunday: Rest

Weight Machine Circuit Gym 30-min Summer Workout

Break the upper and lower body circuits into two different workouts done on two different days. It works really well to train the upper body while the lower body is still sore, and vice versa.

Upper Body

Chest Press

Seated Row

Overhead Press

Lat Pull Down

Bicep Curl

Triceps Extension

Lower Body

Leg Extension

Leg Curl

Inside Thigh (Adduction Machine)

Outside Thigh (Abduction Machine)

Leg Press

Calf Raise

Come In to Varsity Sports today to talk to a trainer about your 30-minute summer workout!

Unlimited 1hr Training, Weight Loss, Muscle Toning, Speed & Agility, Strength, Endurance & Conditioning, Full Access to Equipment & Turf, Access to Batting Cages, Fitness Tracker, Meal Planning Program and so much more.

30- min Summer Workout

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