Fun Summer Exercises For Kids

Fun Summer Exercises For Kids – April 20, 2018

Fun Summer Exercises For Kids

As temperatures rise all across the U.S., the anxiety of parents everywhere spikes as they worry over what to do with their bored children this summer. It’s important find some fun summer exercises for kids to do and avoid allowing them to hide in the dark playing video games for 3 months! Studies show there is a strong link between screen time and childhood health issues such as obesity, lack of fitness, and even mental health problems. The training team at Varsity Sports recommends limiting media time to 1 hour a day and that your child get active and get plenty of sleep. Find activities that focus on the Three Elements of Fitness: Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility. Encourage your young athletes to try these fun summer exercises for kids.

Put your elbows on the floor, raise up on the tips of your toes, and keep your back straight and your abs tight in a line. Hold that position  as long as you can. 30 seconds is pretty good if your kids can hold it that long.

2. Squats
Put your feet a shoulders’ width apart and do deep knee bends as if you’re sitting down on an invisible box. Put your arms out. Make sure your knees don’t extend past your toes

3. Push-ups
Keep your abs tight and your back straight; you can do this with a straight or bent knee.

4. Crunches
Sit-ups, but not all the way from floor to knee. Just curl your chest toward your knees.

5. Lunges
Take a step. Touch your back knee to the floor, and make sure your front knee doesn’t extend past the toes.
6. Side leg raises
Keep your legs straight.

….Okay, so right about now you’re thinking, ” I wasn’t born to be a personal trainer!!!”

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