Producing Healthier Kids

Producing Healthier Kids

Keeping Your Kids Busy and Producing Healthier Kids
It is always easier to put your kids on the couch and turn on the tv for them, or tell them to play their video games or watch videos on their phones.

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We know it’s hard to keep your kids busy while you try to get stuff done for the day. We also know it is hard to get stuff done when in the back of your mind you know that the TV, video games, and phone aren’t the best thing for them. So instead of sending them to the couch try these “Producing Healthier Kids” tips instead to keep them active:

Producing Healthier Kids

• Send Them Outside: They can run, jump, or skip, doesn’t matter as long as they are active. Plus, if you send them into the backyard you can keep an eye and ear out for them.

• Do a Push-Up or Sit-Up Challenge: This can allow them to try to impress you and beat the other one while still staying healthy and working on their core. It is important that kids build strength as they grow. Physical well-being also helps with your child’s state of mind.

• Send Them Out for a Bike Ride: Although it takes time for you to help them get their helmets and bikes out, by the time they are half way down the street you’ve already finished the dishes! Cycling also helps kids get the recommended one hour of exercise a day that almost one third of children do not get.

• Send Them to Play with the Pet: Whether it is going outside to play chase or taking the dog for a walk your kids is still exercising and keeping their hearts racing. Walking allows children to feel calm and happy, it is also proven that it helps with concentration.

• Dance Party: Turn the speaker on and watch your little ones move. Bring out their competitive side and tell them it’s a dance battle and the winner gets a healthy snack! Dancing is a highly physical activity that improves your child’s balance and coordination.

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